Jess L (DM on Twitter)
“Hello mysterious writer, just to say your blog is hilarious! I rarely lol at mummy blogs but I really did with yours. I think you’re going to do well. Best of luck.”

Charlie Q (review shared on Facebook)
5 stars *****
“So refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is! Makes me giggle into my breakfast bowl.”

Debbie H (review shared on Facebook)
5 stars *****
“Witty, relatable and real, this blog is my favourite ‘Mummy’ anecdotal read.”

Nicola H (review shared on Facebook)
5 stars *****
“This is seriously one of the most hilarious and real blogs I’ve read. We say ‘lol’ all of the time but this is actual ‘lol’, as in people staring at you on the train ‘lol’. They get funnier each time and I find myself anxiously waiting for the next. Love her!”

Faye H (review shared on Facebook)
5 stars *****
“So funny and well written, easy to relate to but a great escapism from my own motherhood woes! Totally worth reading.”

Mr GGL (review shared after 17 years of companionship)
Star rating TBC
“She’s OK.”