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Fans of Gaa Gaa Land know that I am all about sharing the hard bits of parenting. Like tiredness. Awkwardness in social situations. Mum Guilt. That kinda stuff.

There is no harder or more rewarding job. Hard when you just want to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race eating a Twix in peace. Rewarding when your first born asks you to pull his finger and then let’s rip. #proud.

I always feel like I’m halfway up a hill, wearing the wrong footwear, lost and disorientated with no one to share the map reading.


But you know what? Turns out most of us didn’t have hiking boots before we started this uphill climb. We all got blisters. And even though we’re all heading in different directions, we can all help each other with the map reading.
OK, I will stop with the metaphors and get to the reality of the situation.
It’s OK.
It’s OK to suck at crafting.
It’s OK to pop hair hygiene on the backburner.
It’s OK to admit you don’t always love every part of your day.It’s OK to stress eat a block of cheddar like it’s cake.

It’s OK to simply be OK.

The #ItsOK Bloggers Linky 

If you’re a fellow parent blogger this is your chance to share your posts and join us on this knackering hike. It’s an opportunity to feel less alone, and help others feel less alone too. You’re doing your best, and in our book, that’s peak parenting.

What Sort Of Posts Can I Add?

#It's OK want your blogs

We want real parenting stories. They can be as funny, embarrassing or as heartfelt as you like, as long as they are real. We want to help get the message out that it is OK to do your best, even if your best leads to your kids start chanting BOOBIES when you accidentally venture into the lingerie section of Tesco’s (true story).

Want to know more? Then please, come and join in…

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