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The #itsOK Linky – Week Two.

Last week saw the return of the #itsOK linky. The wonderful Nicole from Tales from Mamaville took the helm and hosted a plethora of cracking blogs paying homage to the ethos of the #itsOK linky. That it’s OK just to be OK. It’s OK to feel like parenting is sludging through the mud towards an unreachable goal.

We welcomed bloggers to the linky by sharing their posts on Twitter and on Nicole’s hosting page and were lucky enough to have SUCH great contributors that we had two featured bloggers. Great huh! Here’s Nicole to tell us about them:

“The first is This Mummy Rocks for her fab post I am THAT Mum, and I am proud. It is not easy being ‘that’ mum – the mum who stands out, is different and doesn’t give a second thought to what others think of her actions – as long as she knows she is doing it for her children and for their benefit. Claire urges us that #itsok to be that mum, because that means you’re a mum who cares…

The second is Me Becoming Mum for her honest and personal post It’s OK not to be OK in reference to Mental Health Awareness Day. Naomi has shared her own story of mental health, her trials and tribulations, and tells us that it is indeed OK to not be OK and to recognise that and ask for help. She did – and she is now in a much better place.”

Well done to both This Mummy Rocks and Me Becoming Mum. Both important posts about important issues and it’s an honour to be involved with anything that promotes vital messages such as these!

A quick note about posts. We are on a mission, nay a crusade (!) to spread the word that we don’t all have to be perfect at this parenting lark. The more we talk about the shit bits, the more we feel supported and the less we punish ourselves for forgetting that the 3D elephant we were tasked with making was due in last Wednesday. Please make sure your blogs link to the theme of the linky. Thanks y’all.

If you’re keen to join in (and why wouldn’t you be), the linky runs every Tuesday from 7am until Thursday at 11.55pm. 

The Rules

1.) You can add ONE of your posts to the link-up – any post you like, as long as you haven’t posted it on the #ItsOK linky before.

2.) Before you add your post to the link-up, make sure to pop the linky badge, using the HTML below, on your post.

<br />
<div style=’width:100%;text-align:center;’><span style=’margin:5px;padding:5px;border-radius: 5px;border:1px solid lightgrey;display:inline-block;’><a rel=_nofollow href=’’&gt; <img style=’border: 1px solid gray;width:781 ✕ 780px;height:781 ✕ 780px;’ src=’’><br />
<p style=’align: center;’></p>

Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

3.) The lovely Kate from The Mum Conundrum is your lead host for this week. She’ll comment on your post (along with other lovely linky joiners) and all four of us will, of course, retweet your post and share with all our followers. You can find Kate’s host post here.

4.) Make sure to comment on the host’s post, the post before yours, and one of your choice.

5.) Tweet us (@TheMumConundrum @MamavilleTales @momof2lgs @Gaa_Gaa_Land) with the URL to your post. Make sure you include the hashtag #ItsOK so that we know you’re tweeting us your linky post.

6.) The hosts will choose their favourite post which will be featured the following week and will also provide a back link to your site. If your post is featured as one of our favourites then you are very welcome to display our lovely ‘#ItsOK Featured Post’ badge on your sidebar.

7.) Come and join our lovely Facebook group, and we’ll share your posts on there, as well as on the #ItsOK Facebook page – pop over to like and follow us where we’ll share the best posts from each week’s linky too.

8.) Are you on Pinterest? Come on over and follow our #ItsOK board, we’ll share your posts and you can plunder all the super-useful / funny / interesting reads and finds we amass too. Hands up, I’m not the best on Pinterest but I’m planning to build that up.

We are all very much looking forward to reading your posts!

Nicole – Tales from Mamaville
Kate – The Mum Conundrum
Carly – Mom of Two Little Girls
Nina (me) – GaaGaaLand

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