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The #itsOK Linky – Week One

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After 15 months of blogging, I am finally involved in a collaborative project with some brilliant bloggers. In non blogging terms, I’ve found my crew.

Today (9th Oct ’18) is the first day of the #itsOK linky. Until very recently I thought a linky was either a weird sex thing or slang for jewellery. Then a lovely group of lasses asked me to join them to help spread some blog love, which I again assumed was a sex thing. Assured it wasn’t, and after some highly inappropriate innuendo (from me, obvs), I said yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

WHO? WHO ARE THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE I hear you all cry. Why just these 3 awesome ladies. And me.

Nicole – Tales from Mamaville
Kate – The Mum Conundrum
Carly – Mom of Two Little Girls
Nina (me) – GaaGaaLand

Not a Sex Party

So what is it all about? In short, a not sex party linky is a way for bloggers to help other bloggers get read. Which is a struggle, what with the volume of blogs out there, super high standards of content and the bugger that is algorithms.

Sometimes called a ‘linky party’ or a ‘blogger’s link-up,’ a linky is a special page on a blog site, ran by a host blogger (or group of bloggers). On this page, other bloggers can post their own blog posts, for a set amount of time each week.

The participating bloggers share their post on this dedicated page and then comment on the host’s post, the post before theirs and one other, and in turn, receive reciprocal comments and shares.

Most linkies run on Twitter, with retweets and comments helping introduce your blog to a plethora of new followers. The #itsOK linky can be found in the Twittersphere along with a page on Facebook and a closed group. Oh and we are on Pinterest too. Yup, we’re taking over social media. We’re gonna be bigger than Kim K.

Clear as mud? Then please allow my good friend Kate to explain over on The Mum Conundrum. Kate lays it out very clearly as she is much more experienced than me – and also is shitting hilarious, so check out her blog too while you’re over there…

It’s Linky Time

So bloggers, here’s how you get involved.

The linky will re-start on October 9th and will run every Tuesday from 7am until Thursday at 11.55pm.

The dream team will take turns to host the linky:

Week 1 – Nicole (Tales from Mamaville)
Week 2 – Kate (The Mum Conundrum)
Week 3 – Nina (Oh heiiii it’s me)
Week 4 – Carly (Mom of Two Little Girls)

You can link up from any of our blogs, and while the host of the week will comment on every post, we all will RT your posts on Twitter. So make sure you’ve got an account and you’re following us all (click our names above to go to our Twitter accounts.)

The Rules

1.) You can add ONE of your posts to the link-up – any post you like, as long as you haven’t posted it on the #ItsOK linky before.

2.) Before you add your post to the link-up, make sure to pop the linky badge, using the HTML below, on your post.

Gaa Gaa Land
<div style=’width:100%;text-align:center;’><span style=’margin:5px;padding:5px;border-radius: 5px;border:1px solid lightgrey;display:inline-block;’><a rel=_nofollow href=’’&gt; <img style=’border: 1px solid gray;width:500x500px;height:500x500px;’ src=’’&gt; <p style=’align: center;’>Gaa Gaa Land</p></a></span>
Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML


3.) Nicole from Tales from Mamaville is your lead host for this week. She’ll comment on your post (along with other lovely linky joiners) and all four of us will, of course, retweet your post and share with all our followers. You can find Nicole’s host post here. It’s the most. Hot as toast. Soz. You get it…

4.) Make sure to comment on the host’s post, the post before yours, and one of your choice.

5.) Tweet us (@TheMumConundrum @MamavilleTales @momof2lgs @Gaa_Gaa_Land) with the URL to your post. Make sure you include the hashtag #ItsOK so that we know you’re tweeting us your linky post.

6.) The hosts will choose their favourite post which will be featured the following week and will also provide a back link to your site. If your post is featured as one of our favourites then you are very welcome to display our lovely ‘#ItsOK Featured Post’ badge on your sidebar.

7.) Come and join our lovely Facebook group, and we’ll share your posts on there, as well as on the #ItsOK Facebook page – pop over to like and follow us where we’ll share the best posts from each week’s linky too.

8.) Are you on Pinterest? Come on over and follow our #ItsOK board, we’ll share your posts and you can plunder all the super-useful / funny / interesting reads and finds we amass too. Hands up, I’m not the best on Pinterest but I’m planning to build that up.


Easy right? I know, I’m new to it too. I’m excited to be a part of it, and looking forward to expanding my blogging community. If you fancy joining in, I’d love for you to be a part of it too.

Happy linky time* everyone!

*definitely not a sex party

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