All we need is love

GGL All you need is love

It’s been a while since my last post and although that’s partly due to this cracking weather, it’s also out of sadness and disbelief about the country and the world we now inhabit. In the past three weeks we have all been numb with shock at the bombing in Manchester (my home town) the terror attack in London (my adopted home) and the horrific fire in the Grenfell Tower in London. These horrific events have all shocked and saddened me to my very core.

As cliche as it sounds, when you become a parent you look at the world in a very different way and it would be natural and easy to hold onto fear and apprehension for our children’s future. But that is exactly what these terrorists want, for us to retreat into our shell and let a twisted view of their ideals worm its way into the fabric of society. And it’s up to us all to not allow that to happen under any circumstances.

I don’t think there are worst circumstances than these. Some lunatic left his home, headed into an area full of children and knew he was going to end their life or change it forever, for no reason at all. There is no religious doctrine that supports this, no theory to back it up, and no way to understand or rationalise it. It’s born from pure base hatred. And although groups and people who want to manipulate to gain power can be a part of radicalising individuals, it is essentially an individual who makes that journey and pulls the trigger. Well I say individual. The word I want to use probably shouldn’t be published on a blog that centres around being a Mum.

So as I am sure many parents have done these past couple of weeks, I’ve hugged my children for a little longer, held them a little closer, and watched their untarnished little personalities with wonder. Two tiny blank slates. Surely we all start like this? Pure and happy. And gradually, as life goes on, out inner happy gets chipped away at, we get hurt, we hold onto that hurt and we protect it like a mother lion protects her cubs.

We’re only here once right? We only have one shot at making it count (great Titanic ref there, you’re welcome Leo fans). That’s the outlook and attitude I want to instil in my two to give them the best shot at this shitstorm that is life. All you need is love. And there is so much love in the world –  evident in the moving and countless acts of kindness we’ve seen from those who want to help in all of these tragedies. THAT is the bit I am going to focus on.

Recently LB has become pretty obsessed with a ‘Yellow Submarine’ story book we’ve had for years, and although it is badly written and has a shaky narrative, it does feature The Beatles and has made him interested in their music. So I played him ‘All you Need is Love’ and he bloody loves it. He stands still and closes his eyes, and does this quirky little pointing dance he’s become fond of. He is the embodiment of innocence and joy and in that moment, my heart wants to burst with love. That’s the feeling I’m going to hold onto, not sadness. I’m thankful for you, LB and LG, and if you ever read this in years to come, All We Need is LOVE.

Until next time, peace out. N ♥




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