Podcast love


I am OBSESSED with podcasts. I’m not great at silence or having time to think (!), and so I’m always either listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts. Mainly when commuting, or running, but even when I’m cooking I’ve usually got one headphone in and am listening to something. Before I had kids I read a lot, but now don’t have time or the energy in the evening and so podcasts or audiobooks are a lazy way of escaping into another world.

One of my favourite podcasts of all time returned last week, My Dad Wrote a Porno (MDWAP), and it hasn’t disappointed. I went for a run today and listened to episode 2 and had to stop to literally lol (as the kids say). If you’ve not heard this gem of a series before I highly recommend you download and get stuck in. Ugh, actually that phrase is a bit rank in this context. As the name suggests, this is a filthy podcast littered with innuendo and awkward, embarrassing sexual scenarios. It’s a welcome change from Paw Patrol and Angelina Ballerina. And as a parent of two little parrots – I am constantly censoring my natural desire to curse like a sailor so escaping into a podcast which has more filthy words than Kerry Katona’s WhatsApp is not only enjoyable – its also a bit of a necessity.

MDWAP in a nut shell is three mates, reading the very badly written porn of the narrator, Jamie’s Dad, the wonderfully named Rocky Flintstone (obvs a pseudonym). Rocky has penned and self published a series of novels called Belinda Blinked, based on the sexual adventures of Belinda Blumenthal, an International Sales Director of a pots and pans company and insatiable nympho. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud and invited some puzzled stares of passers by. It is auditory gold.

The return of MDWAP also allows for my serious fangirl-ing over Alice Levine, who I often see near the BBC near Oxford St in London and get all 12 year old about (oooh I love her hair). I don’t crush on her in a ‘girl on girl’ kinda way (although Belinda definitely would), more in a ‘I wish I had her bants’ kind of way. In fact all three MDWAP podcasters, Jamie, Alice and James have brilliant filthy innuendo and never fail to brighten a dreary morning commute.

My other regular podcasts are:

  • Russell Brand’s Under the Skin for some political intelligent engagement (which means I often have to rewind as get a bit lost).
  • Russell Brand’s Radio X weekly show – I never get a chance to listen live on a Sunday and it’s another laugh out loud listen. Matt Morgan (pin pin) and RB have brilliant chemistry and it’s like listening in on mates just chatting on.
  • The High Low with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton – two more girl crushes, bants wise but also brilliant journalists. Fun fact GGL fans, they’ve inspired me to pick up a MacBook and write this podcast. As if you don’t write write write, you don’t improve. Thanks Panda and Dolly 😉
  • The Adam Buxton podcast – I dip in and out of this one, but he does sing a good jingle and I’m a fan of the phrase ‘Ramblechat.’
  • Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces – Love his music and his podcast is engaging and at times gritty. #Team3W
  • Jamie Laing’s Private Parts – hands up, I’m an unashamed Made in Chelsea fan and I mainly listen to this podcast for Francis Boulle who co hosts and is drier than a popcorn fart.
  • S Town – not a regular series but a seven part documentary about John, a fascinating individual who despises his small hometown in Alabama. Amazing reporting from Brian Reed and so moving it made me cry on Battersea bridge (true story).
  • Desert Island Discs – another absolute favourite podcast and show of mine. How can you not LOVE the soothing tones of Kirsty Young (apparently the nation’s favourite female radio voice 2016 – who knew that was even a competition).

Every time I listen to Desert Island Discs I go over what my choices would be, and how difficult it would be to chose 8 songs, a mere 8 songs! I love talking about music (please – if you stumble across this blog post a comment with your top 8, I am genuinely interested in the combinations people choose). At one point, I had a ‘note’ saved on my phone with a shortlist, and couldn’t get any less than 12. It’s the specific song choice I struggle with, I have a bit of a short list of artists…

The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bjork, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Foo Fighters, Prince. Oh and maybe Toots and the Maytails. And Michael Jackson, And Linkin Park. Green Day. The Stone Roses. Not forgetting Beyonce. See, it’s impossible……

Don’t worry, I’ll get it nailed down before Kirsty and I go over it on a future episode. 😉

I plan to be more engaging than Tom Hanks or Freddie Flintoff (both brilliant Desert Island Discs episodes and worth a listen). Then me and Kirsty, Alice, Pandora and Dolly can all go to the pub and form our own glee team. That’s my plan.

Until next time, peace out. N 🙂 ♥

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